Easy Directions to Weirs Beach, NH

"How Do We Get There From Here?

You’re coming to Weirs Beach? Great! It’s an hour by car from Manchester, NH, 2 hours from Boston, and 26 hours from Miami, Florida - just to give you an idea. ;)

From Points South:

You take I-93 North to Exit 20, and turn left from the off-ramp to get on to US-3 North. Then stick with US-3 North for 16.5 miles, and ... ta da! Weirs Beach! It’ll go so quick, the kids won’t even have time to ask, “Are we there yet?”

From Points North:

You take I-93 South to Exit 23, and turn left from the off-ramp to get on to NH-104. Take that for 8 miles until you get to US-3 South. Turn right, and just over 3 miles later you’ll see the historic Weirs Beach sign! Easy, right?

From All Other Points:

It could be West, East, Southwest, North-Northeast ... hey, there’s a lot of points on a compass if you look close enough! So here’s a better idea - get MapQuest directions from your home or the airport to Weirs Beach (and back again).

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